Monday, December 13, 2010

RAP December meeting

Hey rappers,

Tomorrow we will be holding our monthly meeting a little differently! At 7 pm we will all join in on a conference call to discuss updates, events and future goals for the committee. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join in!
The phone number to dial is # 661-673-8600, code # 815199

DWB is fast approaching!

Rise Above Plastics will have booths and be handing out bags from 5-7pm on 12/16 at the Sunset Market in Oceanside, Jimbos in Escondido, the Seaside Market in Cardiff, and the Appletree Market in OB. 
Come join the fun!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Without a Bag proclamation

Here are some photos from the event yesterday where the County of San Diego’s Board of Supervisors held a meeting to proclaim 12/16 as the Day Without a Bag. Chairwoman Pam Slater-Price recognized the efforts of Jacy Bolden as the DWB coordinator, Alicia Glassco from Coastkeeper, Sandy Atkinson from Solana Center for Recycling, Natalie Roberts from I Love a Clean San Diego, and Jon Severino from the Surfrider Foundation San Diego.

All of these volunteers spend many hours organizing events such a "Day Without a Bag" on top of their own priorities and they deserve some recognition for their hard work and dedication. Thank you all! Without you this event couldn't happen!

There is still time to sign up to volunteer at 4 different locations throughout San Diego for DWB! Volunteering is for 2 hours from 5-7pm in OB, Oceanside, Escondido, or Cardiff. With a week to go we could use a few more volunteers to help out at the Cardiff and Escondido site.
Contact me at and let me know which location you would be available for.

Free Bag It Screenings SUCCESS!

As I promised you about a month ago, RAP would be hosting two free Bag It movie screenings and they were a huge success! The first was on Monday, earlier this week, at the San Diego Downtown Public Library. The founder of RAP, Scott Harrison, led the RAP sponsored event and our 70 attending audience members. The second event was yesterday, at La Paloma Theater in Encinitas. We had an amazing turn out of 200 people!!! Dudek, EDCO, Steele Realty, and the City of Encinitas sponsored this event.
After the film, speakers and Q&A sessions included: Jon Severino – RAP coordinator, Marty Benson – Surfrider volunteer, filmmaker and actor, Scott Harrison – Surfrider volunteer and founder of RAP, Liz Taylor – Chair of Encinitas Environmental Commission, Jacy Bolden – DWB regional Coordinator, Leigh Reagan – Bag It videographer.

Here are some pictures from the Encinitas event :) Thank you to all that took time to come learn about plastic consumption and its impacts on your own body and the environment!

La Paloma Theater 12/7/2010 
Marty Benson- Surfrider Volunteer
Scott Harrison- Surfrider Founder and appeared in Bag It

Monday, December 6, 2010

Heal the Bay’s 4th Annual ‘A Day Without A Bag’

'Day Without a Disposable Bag' will be held this year on December 16th from 5-7 pm in many locations in Southern California. It will bring early holiday presents to shoppers and provide an educational summit for policymakers. Nearly 20,000 reusable bags will be given away at more than 100 locations throughout California. San Diego's 4 hosted sites will be run by volunteers and committee members from the Surfrider Foundation. Our four locations will be in Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Escondido and Cardiff.

This event urges consumers to forego environmentally harmful single-use plastic or paper grocery bags in favor of reusable bags that will be handed out by the thousands during these two hours.

To read more please visit The plastic bag ban report website

For a Google map of all giveaway sites go to Click on "Bag Giveaway Locations" to find a location near you!

 Let's make our bag monsters proud and grab a few disposable bags at the event. Use them! They are Free! They are yours to keep! Keep on rising above plastics!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free 'Bag It' movie screenings!

Hey Rappers,
Bag It was recently a feature film presented in the San Diego film Festival in October. Some of our leaders in the Rise Above Plastics committee have organized a few movie screenings for you all! They are free and will be showcasing Bag It, a 79 minute film. So make sure you bring some snacks, your friends or family and enjoy this hilarious reality check. Is your life too plastic?

There are two locations where these screening will be taking place:
12/6 at the SD Public Library (820 E Street, San Diego)
12/7 at La Paloma (471 South Coast Highway 101 Encinitas, CA 92024-3530)

Friday, November 19, 2010

LA County's Bag Ban! and... Day Without a Bag on Dec. 16th, 5-7 pm

1.1 million residents living within the LA county area will be effected from now on by the recent feat for the environmental movement in California by passing the LA County Bag Ban JUST a fews days ago! Hooray!!

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday, November 16th in a 3-1 vote to begin the process of eliminating these bags, setting an example for the rest of the state and nation. The ruling will be placed into effect in July 2011. So that leaves shoppers plenty of time to get their reusable bags ready for many trips to the grocery stores. If, however shoppers still want to use a plastic bag, grocers can only offer them for 10 cents a piece. This price is set in order to persuade the disuse of single-use plastics and begin to carry their own, reusable bags. These bags are avaiable from .99 cents- $1.99 at most grocery stores. Next time you go grocery shopping, and you pack your goodies in plastic bags, pay attention to how many bags the bagger gives you. If you think about it, a .99 cent reusable bag can be paid off in just one or two visits to the grocery store. In the long run, it is a very small, short-term investment, but smart, long-term payoffs. Plastic bags take hundreds of years to decompose!
LA County passes bag ban...

 Let's try to not let this....

 end up here....

 or here...

2007 saw San Francisco's bag ban, the first city to do such a thing in California. Since then many cities in California have joined in force against the ACC (American Chemistry Council) to fight the war against chemicals and plastics - banning the use of plastic bags. According to NPR, San Francisco's ban reduces the amount of plastic bags used in just San Francisco alone by 5 million bags.
Some words from NPR on S.F.'s ban...

With LA county jumping on board, we now have two of the biggest cities in California participating in creating change for our environment. Malibu, San Francisco, Palo Alto and Fairfax have also banned bans on single-use plastic bags. Other California communities such as Santa Monica, Marin, San Jose and Santa Clara also are considering bans this year. We can surely expect to see great reductions of waste being generated and many more cities joining the cause.

We can all do our part! It takes the smallest efforts in each of us to generate some big results. Buy a re-suable bag, or come out to Surfrider's Day Without a Bag on December 16th, 5-7pm. Surfrider will be hosting booths in OB, Oceanside, Cardiff, and Escondido giving away free re-usable bags to promote the switch away from single-use plastic bags.

Day Without a Bag now has 100 locations and 30,000 bags! Surfrider needs volunteers still to help hand out all of these bags! Contact me if you would like to volunteer and be an instrumental part in creating change for the rest of the country and world to see!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Scripps plays Role in National Research of Sea Trash"

Chelsea Rochman, is one of our very own Surfrider members and a third year PhD student in a Joint Doctoral Program with University of California, Davis and San Diego State University in the fields of Marine Ecology and Environmental Toxicology. Her dissertation work is focused on the trophic effects of adsorption of persistent organic contaminants (PAHs, PCBs, OCs, and PBDEs) to plastic debris in the marine environment as well as desorption of contaminants from plastic debris (BPA and phthalates) into the marine environment and its inhabitants. She has been to the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre as part of the SEAPLEX science crew with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and will very soon journey to the South Atlantic Gyre to explore toxicological questions regarding plastic marine debris with the 5 Gyres non-profit.

NOAA, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has funded researchers, like Chelsea, from UCSD from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla to study plastic particles. These plastic samples were collected from an October voyage in the Pacific, by scientists studying the impact of debris on marine creatures and humans. The secondary cruise which will travel from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town, South Africa to collect data from the Southern Pacific Gyre, is being hosted by the 5- Gyres Institute.

By traveling in a different part of the ocean, and with confident predictions of their projected findings, they plan to expose the reality that you can no longer cross an ocean without finding plastic pollution in it.

What they are looking for besides the amount of plastic that is actually in the water are toxins such as BPA and DDT, commonly found chemicals pertaining to plastic and pesticides respectively. Why would a scientist looking for plastic be concerned about a chemical pesticide all the way out in the Pacific Ocean? Plastics act as magnets for highly persistent toxic chemicals, such as DDT, in the ocean. As the volume of plastic increases, so does the adsorption of these organic compounds. If you now are wondering why this would matter to us?Why should we care about the increase in the amount of plastic in our oceans and the chemicals that become concentrated in them? Well, these plastics become highly concentrated particles floating around the water in small sizes ready to be eaten by fish- thus entering the food chain at a level that may immediately effect our food supply.

Ultimately, the aim of this research is to show a relationship of cause and effects on how toxic plastic when ingested or come into contact with will effect marine organisms and humans alike.

Click here to read the full article
From the San Diego Union Tribune
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Hawaii beach garbage recycled as vacuum cleaner"

Electrolux AB, a Stockholm based company, has decided to create a vacuum that not only can perform its traditional duties of cleaning, but also act as a conversation starter. It is a vacuum made from little bits of plastics collected from one of Hawaii's dirtiest beaches, Kahuku. Here many different sizes and kinds of plastics wash up onto the beach, mixing with sand and other natural debris.

Vice president for sustainability and environmental affairs at Electrolux's floor care and small appliances division, Cecilia Nord, pointed out that the problem of plastic washing up on beaches keeps growing because  plastic products are increasingly used without being recycled properly afterward. Often times we might learn about an issue such as plastic waste in the ocean and give it a few moments of thought before returning to our own relevant issues in our lives. This problem may not be relevant to everyone's life at the moment, however if continued to be ignored, it may easily become in the near future a very real problem that effects us all. By creating a vacuum cleaner out of plastic pieces collected from the source of the problem is a creative way to clean up the waste and bring the issue into our homes on a very real level.

This is indeed a very accurate reflection of how we use plastic products today and do not properly dispose them in ways that they may be recycled and re-used. As our plastic bottles, bags, and other single-use plastic items are disposed of, many end up in our oceans where there are now 5 world ocean gyres, circulating plastic in high concentrations. Remember, plastics do not biodegrade, so they remain true to their form for many, many years.

Click here! for a link to the article to read more

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mushrooms As a New Plastic Alternative?

Follow this link to learn about how mushrooms are being designed and repurposed as a packaging alternative to styrofoam.
Eben Bayer, designer, reveals his product for a new, fungus-based packaging material that protects fragile items and the environment.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi All,
Just a quick reminder of our meeting TONIGHT:
Tuesday, Oct 12
7 - 8:30 pm
Encinitas Senior & Community Center
1140 Oakcrest Park Dr.
Encinitas, CA 92024

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plastics Are Forever Youth Summit

Hey Rappers,
There is a great opportunity right now for high school students to get involved in creative solutions to our growing plastic problem in our very own backyard. The Pacific Garbage Patch lies thousands of miles off the western coast of the United states in the Pacific Ocean(although it is only one of 5 that exists on our planet), where plastics ranging in size from large floating food containers to small particles that wildlife such as fish and birds mistake for food. With the birth and boom of the chemical industry in the 1950s, the way we have produced plastic for the last 60 years is finally ending up in disaster. The planet is big, but soon enough all of our wastefulness and single-use items will show up in our backyards- our oceans, our rivers- to a point where we cannot deny that it isn't a problem anymore.
 Algalita Marine Research Foundation has organized an event for youth to become involved in this issue by getting together in groups to generate ideas on how to solve this problem. Their four main goals for this gathering are: 1. To learn about plastic pollution, 2. to come up with a solution, 3. to submit a project, 4. to attend the summit. If the solution is one of the chosen, that entire group is then able to travel and participate in the summit, all expenses paid.
Not only is this a highly inventive approach to solve this global issue, but is a really unique experience for young people to get to participate in solving such an issue amongst scientists and their peers.

Click here  for more information from the website!
Tell your kids or sign up today!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elena Buenrostro

Elena, our very own local activist, visual artist, and volunteer with Surfrider Foundation's Rise Above Plastics campaign...

In Surfrider's most recent attempts to help push California on becoming the first state in the U.S. to ban plastic bags, we ventured out to the communities of San Diego- getting signatures and speaking with California residents about AB 1998. Although the Senate ultimately failed to pass this law on vote Aug 31(14-21), our efforts were not in vain. They were just the start of a continuing battle from Rise Above Plastics.

Elena volunteered much of her free time raising awareness and getting companies and citizens alike to show congressmen that Californians wanted the ban passed. She got well over 300 postcards signed and around 20 businesses to write letters for Senator Ducheny's district here in San Diego. Elena was a great part of the success Surfrider had in showing our government that we the people have a strong will to move our economy one step further into the sustainable future! Thanks Elena!

Aside from volunteering with Surfrider's Rise Above Plastics efforts, Elena is currently in her last year as an undergraduate student at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). There she is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Theatre and Film Studies. She explained how plastics caught her eye and became the focus of her artistic passions in order to represent the need for a life without these synthetic materials.

While attending the UCSD, Elena began to learn more about the plastic debris accumulating in the North Pacific Gyre, also known as the North Pacific Garbage Patch. This is where her quest began in creating visual awareness about plastic pollution and more specifically about plastic bag pollution as a contributor to a larger environmental issue; The Garbage Patch. Elena continues to spread the word about the ever growing plastic that accumulates in the Pacific Ocean as well as creates art pieces out of her own households plastic intake. 

Here are a few of her most recent projects:
The Global Tumbleweed 
A 20 minute documentary focusing on plastic bag pollution in the city of San Diego, as well as creating awareness about AB 1998, the California plastic bag ban.
Click Here to Watch

The Plastic Bag Dress
A dress created from 400 plastic bags, about the amount one person uses per year, (400-700 to be exact). The dress was worn by Elena to create visual awareness about plastic bag pollution in her city.

A Trip to the Grocery Store
Created with recycled plastic from a trip to the grocery store. Plastics included packaging from food items bought at the grocery store anywhere from cheese wrappers, bread bags, vegetable packaging, chip bags etc. Each recycled plastic was cut up, divided by color, and tied into a bow. The plastic bows were then installed onto a wall in a gallery. This is an ongoing project as Elena continues to collect all of her households plastic intake and transforming them into small creations.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October 12 Meeting

Just a quiet reminder that our next RAP meeting is October 12th. (Seriously, can you believe October will be here in 2 days?)

Tuesday, Oct 12
7 pm

Encinitas Senior &
Community Center

~ We may have lost a battle, but we haven't lost the war!

Getting support for AB 1998
Michelle Lanning and Jonseverino at Imperial Beach

See Premier of "Bag It"

Don't miss the premier showing of "Bag It" this weekend at the San Diego Film Festival.

"Bag It" is a compelling documentary that examines society's use of and dependence on plastic - and the tremendous impact it has on our environment.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

California Senate Fails To Pass Bag Ban

press release from Surfrider HQ in San Clemente...

San Clemente, CA (September 1, 2010) – Last night, with at 21-14 vote, the California State Senate failed to pass AB 1998—a bill that would have banned single-use plastic carryout bags statewide.

The passing of AB 1998 would have been a monumental victory for the Surfrider Foundation and for its California Chapters who have fought for years to eliminate plastic bags with their Rise Above Plastics campaign. Regardless, they will continue to educate and inform the public about the hazards single-use plastics pose to the environment and the economy.

“We are dismayed that this proactive environmental bill, which was passed by the Assembly and had the pledged support of the Governor, could not make it past our California State Senate,” says Angela Howe, Surfrider Foundation’s Managing Attorney. “We see these single-use plastic bags littering our streets, parks, and waterways, and they’re found at every beach clean up. In fact, volunteers picked up over 70,000 of these bags on California beaches in one day.”

Californians consume upwards of 19 million plastic bags per year, which require approximately 8 million barrels of oil to produce. Consumers pay for these bags in hidden costs, in taxes to cover clean up costs, and worse in harm to the environment. Less than 5% of plastic bags are ever recycled, and those that aren’t all too often make their way into our oceans where they pose a threat to wildlife and never fully decompose.

Under AB 1998, grocery stores and pharmacies would no longer have been able to provide plastic bags at point of sale, and would have been required to regulate the distribution of paper bags by charging the for the bags at cost. They would also have been required to have reusable bags for sale at reasonable prices starting in 2013. Plastic bags for transporting produce and raw meat to checkout would still have been available.

Over 40 countries and municipalities, including San Francisco, Malibu, and Palo Alto, have successfully banned plastic carryout bags, and more cities throughout California and the United States are expected to push for similar bans. ###

In San Diego County, Senator Kehoe voted for the bill while Senators Ducheny, Wyland and Hollingsworth voted against it. Click Here for contact info to send them a note of thanks or disappointment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Take Action! Support AB1998 and ban plastic bags in CA!

We are very close to having a bag ban passed in California. This would be HUGE for CA and the USA.
Please help by:
1. Contact your CA senator. Click on this link: to email them.
2. The most effective way to register your support is by calling your State Senator's local office to simply say "My name is _____ and I live in _____ . Please ask Seantor _____ to support AB 1998 to ban most plastic bags in California."

The call only takes 15-20 seconds but is very effective. Here is a list of local State Senators and their office phone numbers to call:

District 38: Mark Wyland (760) 931-2455. North San Diego County - stretches along Interstate 5 from the horse track of Del Mar to the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. Additional San Diego County cities include Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, Solana Beach, Fairbanks Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall and Vista.

District 39: Christine Kehoe (619) 645-3133. Senate District 39 stretches east-west from Spring Valley to the Pacific Ocean, and north-south from Del Mar to Downtown San Diego. It encompasses 847,000 residents from Del Mar and Lemon Grove, and parts of San Diego, Casa de Oro-Mo, La Mesa, and Spring Valley.

District 40: Denise Moreno Ducheny. (619) 409-7690. Southern SD County from Imperial Beach east towards Chula Vista. Extreme Southern/ Southeast part of SD County and all of Imperial County.

District 36: Dennis Hollingsworth. (619) 596-3136. Most of East County. (District 37 is in Riverside County).

Click Here for a map if you are not sure.
3. Request letters from local businesses, clubs, or local electeds to their CA senators to support AB1998.
4. Forward this email to your friends, clubs, businesses, or local electeds—we need support on this.
The governor is ready to sign—let’s put pressure on the senate to pass this bill! If AB1998 passes, many marine mammals will be saved…not to mention money for cleaning litter and saving petroleum. The drama of cities wanting to pass bag ordinances, but fearing being sued will be over!
For more info on AB1998, click here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Videos of RAP Guest Speakers!

AB1998 still needs your support. Please email, call, and write your CA senator!

Arwen and Jeremy from Gamut Productions created some great video clips of the speakers from the RAP sponsored May Chapter Meeting.

Check 'em out!

Part 1 of 4:
Part 2 of 4:
Part 3 of 4:
Part 4 of 4:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

1rst Annual RAP Day

Wednesday, June 30th was the First Annual RAP Day at Patagonia in Cardiff and OB Peoples Market in Ocean Beach. Thanks so much for all the people that showed up to celebrate. More photos here:

We gave away 1000 reusable bags and raised awareness for AB1998-the CA bag ban. If you would like to help with the campaign, contact your senator and ask him or her to vote for AB1998.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Support AB1998 to ban plastic bags in California!

We are very close to having a bag ban passed in California. This would be HUGE for CA and the USA. Please help by:

1. Contact your senator. Click on this link:
to email your senator.

2. Take a minute to call your senator as well. I just called mine and it took less than 60 seconds(Sen. Mark Wyland 916-651-4038)

3. Forward this email to your friends—we need support on this. The governor is ready to sign—let’s put pressure on the senate to pass this bill!

If AB1998 passes, many marine mammals will be saved…not to mention money for cleaning litter and saving petroleum. The drama of cities wanting to pass bag ordinances, but fearing being sued will be over! For more info on AB1998, click here.

RAP Sponsored Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Series July 1rst

CCEFS(Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Series ) is Thursday, 8pm in Encinitas at the Smog Test Station on Coast Hwy 101. This is the 3rd year that RAP has sponsored a night of DEMA's(Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association) event with creative film shorts with environmental themes.

Come by to enjoy new short films by Surfrider SD volunteers, Surfrider’s animated movie the ‘Cycle Of Insanity’, shorts and PSAs by Marty Benson, and Encinitas local surf film maker Cyrus Sutton’s ‘Riding Waves’ film about local legends surfing local waves.

This event is free and outdoors. Please dress for the weather and bring your own chair in case all the chairs are filled.

Rise Above Plastics Day

First Annual Rise Above Plastics Day celebration in Cardiff and Ocean Beach on Wednesday 6/30. The two special events will be from 4-6pm at Patagonia in Cardiff (2185 San Elijo Ave.) and the Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market (4765 Voltaire St. – please do not use the Co Op parking lot for this event).

At each location, Surfrider volunteers will be giving out reusable canvas shopping bags and rallying support for the RAP campaign. To volunteer simply show up and look for us on the Patagonia patio or OB People's Community Room. All volunteers get an organic cotton t-shirt and a pair of San Diego Fair tickets!

YOU can help us wave signs, hand out bags, possibly suit up as the bag monster or just swing by to pick up a high-quality recycled cotton beach/grocery bag at no charge!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

High Tech High's contribution to environmental awareness

High Tech High science teacher and Surfrider core volunteer member on the RAP committee, Chris Olivas, has made great strides with his 10th grade students concerning environmental awareness and activism. His class participated in a beach clean- up in Ocean Beach, and used the debris they collected to make displays and conduct an awareness event about environmental issues, including marine debris. Among the many items collected was a door they found on the beach that they used as part of their display. Participants were asked to sign a letter of support for the California plastic bag ban proposition, AB1998.
Students also displayed the surf products that they designed to be free of petroleum ingredients and packaging. They sold their homemade organic surf wax, lip balm, and sunscreen, as well as raffle tickets. All the proceeds from this fundraiser were given to Surf Aid International and the Surfrider Foundation.
RAP and Surfrider SD are so proud of our local community's activists and Sufrider members for conducting such a great event! We are lucky to have volunteers like this. Special thanks to Chris Olivas!

June RAP Meeting

June 8 marked the monthly RAP meeting for San Diego Surfrider members. This meeting was held at the house of Surfrider core volunteer and RAP coordinator, Jon Severino. The agenda entailed making and painting signs for RAP day set for June 30, 2010. Volunteers participated in this sign- making party while discussing current RAP goals and events and enjoying snacks and beverages. Signs were made using paint and markers, and each represented a Rise Above Plastics theme, like eliminating single- use plastics and Styrofoam. RAP volunteers present at this meeting included Steve, Chris, Phil, Dawn, Marissa, Simone, and Judith. Thanks, Rappers!
If people missed out, they will be able to paint their own RAP sign at the June SD Chapter meeting on June 16th at Forum Hall in UTC. Hope to see you there!

Signs of the Tide

On the evening of June 3, The Signs of the Tide forum on Marine Debris was held at the Encinitas Library Community Room. This forum focused on "understanding San Diego's water" and included talks from local politicians, scientists, and activists. Among these included City of Encinitas Councilmember, Teresa Smith, Scripps Institute of Oceanography scientist, Miriam Goldstein, City of Santa Monica Environmental Analyst, Josephine Miller, and Regional Water Quality Control Board Assistant Executive Officer, Jimmy Smith. Each speaker provided valuable, informative data and explanations of San Diego's water quality and issues, making Signs of the Tide a great event that the Surfrider Foundation and RAP were very proud to have sponsored.
Josephine Miller from the City of Santa Monica was particularly inspirational in her talk about marine conservation efforts in Santa Monica. The City of Santa Monica has successfully banned all Styrofoam from every food service vendor in the city, including even places like Jamba Juice and Taco Bell! Miller and the City of Santa Monica have demonstrated beautifully the power that community residents hold in a consumerist society. Santa Monica is an inspiration and example for all coastal California communities! Please check out their website to learn more about their efforts at:
Scripps Scientist, Miriam Goldstein, of the SEAPLEX expedition of Scripps also had a particularly interesting talk, with many great photos and explanations from their journey to the North Pacific Gyre. Along the trip, Goldstein and fellow Scripps scientists randomly sampled the ocean along their entire journey. In every sample taken, plastic was among the constituents. For more on her trip and about Scripps research, please visit their website at:
Special thanks to RAP volunteers, Jon Severino and Steve Kwik for manning the table at the forum!